Eden Lee

Bubbly. Bold. Brilliant.

Who am I?


I’m the girl who laughs a little too loud at things that probably aren’t that funny.


I’m the ER nurse who has been cursed at and pooped on just to jog out of the room cracking a joke, hurrying into the room of my next dying patient.


I’m the girl who’s all goofball at first but who ends up being a lot more business-minded, tech-savvy, left-brained, and wholesome than you thought.


Who do I play?


I’m the honest, sometimes harsh, best friend.  The compassionate nurse or callous doctor. 


The girl you bring home to mom and dad. 🙂


I’m the funny, sarcastic one who has a little more going on.  I’m the romantic who sometimes gets caught up with work and forgets to say I love you.


I’m the next leading lady.


Chronicles of Acting Life

My Identity as an Actress

It's been a good while since I've posted, probably the longest I've gone.  I don't know what I've been waiting for.  Shitty prioritization, probably.  I think I was waiting for something momentous to happen so I'd have something to report.  But it's about time that I...

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Keeping Myself Open

I've been struggling with the idea of keeping my schedule open for opportunities. Sat down yesterday morning with my agents and kind of talked things over - what to expect, turn-over times, things like that.  And I asked about how flexible I'd have to be in order to...

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Week Recap

It's been the most awesome week. Got to work on a commercial in which I climbed an electric pole and drove the bucket of a bucket truck.  Got signed with JTA while I was on set. Went to work in the ER the next day, changed in the bathroom after clocking out and headed...

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