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Hi, I’m Eden Lee

Transition Expert

I know first hand how terrifying it is to make a leap from working for the man, to working for yourself. I also know what it feels like to work day in and day out at a job that doesn’t quite fit, a job that slowly drains your energy and passion. And that’s why we need to talk.

Let’s move you from a stagnant job to a life that’s fueled by inspiration and purpose. Let’s outline the actual steps you need to make this transition smooth and lucrative. Let’s clear out the confusion and make room for your passion-driven career!

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Do you feel called to serve a

higher purpose?

We aren’t built to live a life spending 40 hours of our week in a career that doesn’t fit. You’ve accomplished too much to be unimpressed by the story of your own life.

So what are you going to do? I bet deep down, you know that you have the capability to dominate whatever game you walk into. You can do amazing things your skills, talents, passion, and time. The main challenge you have is creating a transition plan – and then completing it.

Think of all you’ve done in your life up until this point. You have tackled challenges that are way bigger than this. And still this transition, this step, is critically important to fulfilling your desires, your dreams, your purpose. So let’s figure this out together. I promise you, I can take your innate passion and transform it into an actionable roadmap for personal and professional growth.

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