My Story

I am a Transition Expert for professional women ready to make a fulfilling career change. I help my clients realize their career dreams through unique 1 on 1 coaching, group programs, and events. Together, we create an actionable plan for their passion and purpose to become a successful reality.


After working as a trauma nurse for 3 years, I can tell you first hand – life is short. Life is precious. All the cliches about life…are true. Which means both you – and I – better not waste this time. Life goes by way too fast to do shit we hate.

Every day we are challenged to:
Find and fuel your passion to create the work and life you want.

I love being a Transition Expert. I love helping people in the midst of confusion and questions. I am addicted to the moments when my clients fully SEE their power and potential. I work tirelessly to help people get outside of themselves and over their fears so they can live their amazing life. I’ve made the huge transition for myself, and I am strategically guiding others as well.

Growing up, I knew I only wanted to go into ONE speciality – emergency nursing. I worked hard to make that goal a reality – then worked even harder once I landed a job as a night nurse. There is no feeling like an ER high – truly inspirational, exhausting, and satisfying all at once. I could see the path in front of me, from night nurse, to day nurse, to promotions, and so on. I kept feeling like, “This is it!!” and yet there was a voice inside asking, “This is it??”

The thing is, I had a higher calling. I knew it. And it wouldn’t leave me alone.

So for months, I stewed on this other piece, these other desires, this other plan for my life. There were days I would try and silence the calling, and days I would write out plans and talk with friends and family about the ideas swirling inside me. I couldn’t ignore my higher calling anymore.


2 years later, I am living my most amazing life as a Transition Expert ready to serve you. I offer no-nonsense 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, and large group mastermind events that create clarity, purpose, and drive. I am building a community of badass, passion-driven, unstoppable women who are taking action to live their dreams.

I help people transition from their day job into a profitable side hustle or their first entrepreneurial leap. I help those with entrepreneur DNA leverage their time and their money to implement real strategies and start pouring into a passion that pays.

It’s so common to feel pigeonholed by our choices. You’re either a nurse or a coach. An accountant or a jewelry maker. An executive or an artist. What I know is that with strategic coaching, you can be both passionate and successful in your career and your side hustle. I’m living proof that I can be both an ER Nurse and a Transition Expert. It doesn’t have to feel like a tug-of-war, and I can help you transition into loving all parts of the life you want to create.

If something makes you happy, explore it.

If something makes you so damn happy that it’s bigger than life itself, pursue it.

It’s all possible, and I can show you how.

Let’s start doing what you love,