Changing your Dream

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One of the most sobering realizations these last few months has been the realization that

my dream has changed.


For years, I shared my life on Facebook while growing my Beachbody business.

“Share your life and sell yourself, not the product.”

For years, all of my friends on Facebook knew every step I took.  Every restaurant I went to.  Every big moment of my life.  Every big milestone.  Every big tragedy.

And when I set my intention to go full-force into Coaching, I told the world.  I thought I had arrived.  I thought THAT was my dream.  I was going to spend the rest of my life sharing Shakeology and Insanity workouts from my home office in my pajamas.  I was going to make Beachbody my trademark.


But when I went to Thrive last October, I realized that…maybe Beachbody wasn’t the channel that I wanted to share my gifts through.  And the confusion that followed was humbling.

And I hid.  Because I was embarrassed.  Because I wanted to quit, and I didn’t know how to explain it.

I didn’t know how to explain to, essentially, the world that the “dream” that I spoke so vehemently about was now my past project when I had NO idea what I wanted to pursue next.


But what I realized was that…nobody needs an explanation.  I dream for me and me alone.


Over the last few months, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with travel nursing, something that I told myself I’d do before I ever even graduated nursing school.  I’ve fallen in love with the travel doors it’s opened for me.  I’ve fallen in love with my Coaching business, with helping my clients move into their dreams.  I’ve fallen in love with the idea of blueprinting a company and tools for nurses to make traveling easy and stress-free.

And for the first time in months, I feel completely and utterly free.

I don’t have to share every private moment of my life hoping that strangers will fall in love with me.  I don’t have to take pictures of every majestic view I see so that my Facebook friends won’t miss out on it.  I share what I want.  I keep what I want private.  I struggle in silence sometimes, and I celebrate quietly, too.


And although changing my dream has been sobering and something I resisted even when I first realized things didn’t feel right, I feel more in tune with myself than I’ve ever felt before.


Life is meant to be lived.  Your passion is meant to be put in play.  It’s never too late to make that transition into what your soul truly aches for.

Changing your dreams and changing your plans doesn’t make you a quitter.  It makes you a free man.


So dare to dream again…and change it if it feels right.


  1. Erin Thompkins

    Keep dreaming, Eden. I am glad have worked with you and cannot wait to see your dreams come to fruition.

    1. Author
      Eden Lee

      Thanks, Erin. 🙂 You were one of my favorite to meet back in Columbia!

  2. Kerri

    So proud to see you living authentically and using your true voice. Nothing else feels as good and nothing else is as healing. I had a similar experience as you this past year realizing that selling online fat loss info products was not “ME” and it clashed with who I was on the inside, despite how much everything and everyone around me told me it was what I was meant to do. It took a lot of soul searching, but I finally stepped into something different and started living more authentically and I haven’t looked back. I can relate to a lot of this post for sure!

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